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Buttered By Kenya's body butter is handcrafted with high-quality ingredients, including shea butter, vitamin E, sunflower oil, and a creamy base made from unrefined African shea butter. We are committed to maintaining the natural purity of our products, which is why we avoid using artificial colorants and chemical preservatives. This means that our product may not have an extended shelf life, but it also means you can be confident about exactly what goes into your body butter. Our products are 100% vegan, 100% handcrafted, and proudly produced by our team in Brooklyn, New York.

**Perfume oil (Beautiful and Love)

Coco Mango - This unique fragrance is inspired by the tropics. Coco Mango has a refreshing fragrance of tropical mango and coconut, making it the perfect scent to create a tropical paradise.

Beautiful - A light, floral scent that works well all year round.

Love - This concentrated perfume oil captures the clean fresh scent of laundry hanging on a line in the sun. 

Pink Lollipop - This pink lollipop scent was designed to make you think of a summer day, surrounded by succulent fruit in the presence of your favorite sweet treat. Smell just like candy.

Late Night - The perfect fragrance for men who want to smell their best, on late nights and everywhere in between. Late Night is an addictive and seductive fragrance that couples spicy notes with sensual undertones. A very masculine scent that will drive the ladies crazy. This is the favorite pick from all gentlemen surveyed.

Red Bamboo - Delivers a unique blend of spicy woods, fresh notes, and sensual accents to create a dominant and irresistible scent. A masculine but fresh scent for him or her.




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Buttered By Kenya is a luxurious all-natural skincare line. It's mild enough for sensitive skin, the body butter is the ideal alternative to perfume and cologne. Custom made to order, with no toxins, Buttered By Kenya assists with the treatment of dry skin, eczema and minor burns. Filled with rich anti-oxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E and vitamin F. The body butter also can be used to fade dark spots, scars, skin discolorations, stretch marks and wrinkles. A sensuous aroma will leave you smelling and feeling pampered. With all those elements why wouldn't you want to be buttered?! Pink Lollipop- Sweet youthful fragrance. You'll smell like candy! Beautiful - is a fresh classic floral fragrance. Red Bamboo - Masculine but fresh fragrance for him. Late Night - Very masculine scent that will drive the ladies crazy. This is the favorite pick from all of the gentlemen surveyed. Coco Mango - Sweet but light tropical scent. It's unisex!